The tool is used to estimate the Expected Credit Loss (ECL) of stage 3 exposures within the scope of the IFRS 9 General Approach. These are exposures for which there is objective evidence of impairment and consequently are in a state of default.

The tool relies on a detailed approach with a number of automations. In brief:

  • The tool allows for easy entry of historical information - the key parameters of the exposure, its gross carrying amount and effective interest rate/discount rate
  • Each exposure allows for creating of analyses for it, which model the scenarios to be applied to the instrument
  • Each scenario has individual expected cash flow
  • The tool estimates ECL for each scenario, based on its cash flow and the historical instrument information
  • A total ECL is calculated for the instrument based on the defined probabilities for realization of each scenario.


  • Easy to use interface for entering historical data and cash flows
  • Ability to test unlimited analysis on the instrument
  • Ability to test unlimited scenarios for each analysis
  • Ability to test various probabilities for each scenario and the effect they will have on the scenario ECL and the total instrument ECL
  • Speed ​​and ease of operation
  • Efficiency