Register a free account on address: is a platform with financial tools for analyses related to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), tax and other purposes, required in the financial function of the company. Our goal is to promote effective, affordable, easy-to-use, nonetheless compliant tools to assist CFOs, accountants and auditors.

For end users, the system offers quick and efficient analyses, focused on the specific task, that you are solving. The instruments are individualized for each specific problem, the interface and information entered reflects that as well, which makes platform use intuitive and simple, while the complexity of calculation is handled by the calculation engine of the instruments.

For accounting and audit companies, provides an effective way of serving your clients in respect to analyses and financial aspects of the standards and the regulations.

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Quality pledge

Our tools have been developed by a team with significant experience in finance, valuations and statistical analysis, in close collaboration with experienced IFRS and tax specialists. All tools have been already implemented since 2018 in small, medium and large enterprises (including holding companies) in Europe, audited by local and international auditors (Big4).

Clear Methodology

The tools are developed with a well-defined methodology and documentation that provides information about the level of detail, input data and assumptions, the process and the calculations. The methods for using the platform are documented in the system, as well as with training videos, which give a clear picture of how each instrument is used and how to interpret the calculated results.

Comprehensive solution

In addition to the tools and the documentation, our team can provide support in using the tools, processing information or interpreting the results.

If you are an accounting firm or an audit firm, we will provide free training so that your professionals can confidently and effectively use the tools for your clients.